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I love getting results with my clients; that's what motivates me to continue doing what I'm doing! I understand that everyone is unique and each individual's training and nutrition will need to be approached differently. Here is what just a few of my clients have to say me and their experiences with my coaching...


Alongside the physical results and changes to her body, Emma's mindset and attitude towards the gym and her nutrition has completely transformed!

Listen to Emma's story to hear how she has improved her strength, confidence and now is the fittest and healthiest she's been in a long time!



Here Ena talks about how she has benefitted from ​working with me.

Since losing the weight, I have witnessed first hand Ena's confidence and strength skyrocket!

Listen to Ena's story to hear the impact her weight loss has had on her life both inside and outside of the gym.


"Working with Adam was one of the best decisions I made in 2020. His approach is thorough but simple and flexible and so it has been relatively easy to make the adjustments to my lifestyle that were necessary to reach my goals. Having someone with his level of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of health and wellbeing has given me the direction I needed to make tangible progress and his support has been second to none. As a result I’m now significantly more confident and have a lifestyle that keeps both my mind and body healthy in an enjoyable and sustainable way."

- Michelle

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"At 6 weeks postpartum I returned back to the gym & resumed PT sessions with Adam with one goal in mind- to get my body looking and feeling how it did almost 10 years ago! From day one Adam ensured I was able to ease myself back in & meet my goals at the same time. Adam's guidance from a diet perspective all the way through to tailored gym workouts and PT sessions is next to none. He puts a lot of effort into all aspects of my training and makes sure the coaching is tailored to my circumstances and lifestyle. He has helped me transform my body and build a healthier life that is sustainable. Through his amazing guidance I have lost 27lbs (just under 2 stone) in the past 9 months. It was important for me to lose the weight in a way which I can maintain and still continue to live a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle; this is exactly what Adam has helped me achieve. I still have some way to go until I reach my ultimate goal, but I have confidence that Adam Will help me get there. Thank you! "

- Nishma


"After working with Adam I was able to lose just over 13lbs! Adam created a food plan for me that was simple and easy to follow. He took into consideration the foods I enjoyed and never made me eat anything I didn't like. Adam made adjustments to the plan based on how I was feeling and if my weight loss stalled. I could tell the plan was very individualised and tailored towards me. I am really happy with the results I have achieved and I've learnt a lot from the process. "

- Rob

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"After just a couple of months of training with Adam, I was already seeing significant changes in my body and couldn’t be happier with the results.  He is really helpful and takes his time if you’re not 100% sure about how to do something. He pushes me to do my  best and get the most out of my workouts but will adjust exercises if I feel uncomfortable, which is great as a beginner.  His health and fitness knowledge is impeccable and he has given me a lot of help and advice.  My sessions are so much fun and never feel like a chore.  Without Adam’s support I wouldn’t have found my passion for fitness and I couldn’t be more grateful. "

- Nina


"I went to Adam with a goal of losing weight. Adam was able to put together a plan which was sustainable and pretty simple to follow. Weekly check ins helped ensure I stayed on track and I was surprised at the amount of food I was still allowed to consume whilst dropping weight! The plan wasn't overly-restrictive and I was still able to enjoy lots of my favourite foods, this included eating out from time to time. Adam helped me find the structure I needed to get my weight back under control. The only thing that was annoying was the fact I had to buy new trousers! I lost a total of 30lbs and could not have done it without Adam's help!"

- Chris

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"Adam was absolutely fantastic in creating a food plan for me that worked with my lifestyle. I am someone who has never really prepped meals or measured out portions, so I was very dubious that I'd be able to stick to it, especially with my crazy working hours. But he made it so easy that I didn't have to think twice about it OR spend hours in the kitchen cooking after a long day. He also listened and advised when I got to stages in the plan where I was struggling with sweet cravings etc. After 3 months on his food plan I was able to lose over 14lbs which I am over the moon with and still can't quite believe! I am looking forward to using all that I have learnt from Adam to progress even more in my fitness journey. None of it would of be possible without him!'

- Frankie

"Adam has helped me completely change my body shape through teaching me ways to improve my diet in a way which didn't compromise the lifestyle I wanted to live. The training plan he sent me was very detailed and effective. I could see it was completely tailored towards my goals and ability.  Adam breaks everything down in a way which is easy to understand and digest. I now understand a lot more about my body, nutrition and training as a whole. I'm looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with Adam. I can't reccomend him enough."

- Charlie

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"In October 2019 a change to my lifestyle was needed. Gradually increasing weight & pushing 16 stone, I was feeling uncomfortable, my joints were aching & I often felt tired. With my 60th birthday this year & 4 very active grandchildren, I decided that something needed to be done. Having never been near a gym in my life, it felt like a bold move to join one; so I took the decision to hire a personal trainer to ensure I maintained motivation & focus.  Adam spent time understanding what my goals were. Approaching the Christmas entertaining period, it did not appear to be the best time to start; but then when is it ever!  So begun a combination of weekly PT sessions with Adam & visits on my own repeating the targets which were set. Adam created a check in which contained a daily food diary & tracking alcohol intake (admittedly my vice!). Over the last 4 months, Adam has helped me achieve my primary goal - a 2 stone weight loss - throwing away all my XL clothes & going down a trouser size for the first time for 15 years!  I am confident that with continued training & encouragement from Adam, further improvements will be made. Many thanks for all your support Adam! 

- Barry

"I have been training with Adam for almost 8 months now and I have really enjoyed the benefits of the different phases throughout this process. We started and focused on bulking to build muscle for the first few months, which led to increase of calories which definitely helped with energy in completing the routines & exercises in the week. The MyFitnessPal mobile app which he suggested has been incredibly useful for daily tracking. After a few months bulking, we went through a mini cut phase where I lost around 8-10 pounds. Adam's advice and guidance during both these phases has been very beneficial and needed. The progress I have achieved in the last 7 months you can clearly can see in the photographs, and that is just over a few months! I have been delighted with the results so far and look forward to continuing working with Adam in the future"

- Adam

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"I had been weight training for many years and was getting very frustrated at the lack of results. I decided that if I wanted to take it to the next level I would get a PT, and I chose Adam after seeing the way he trains and how seriously he takes his own fitness. The amount I’ve learnt from Adam is astounding, his training is more than just a workout plan for me, he has completely changed my lifestyle and eating to help me understand just how much life outside the gym impacts your results. I’m a flight attendant and I regularly cross multiple time zones and work through the night and stay at hotels with poor gyms. Adam has been an absolute oracle for tailoring my lifestyle to the results I need to achieve, he’s very understanding and regularly seeks feedback to ensure he’s getting the best out of me. I am seeing results despite my irregular eating/sleeping/workout pattern and moreover my energy levels are so much better (not to mention my clothes tighter in all the right places). I cannot recommend Adam enough, he’s kept me motivated through tiredness, surgery and a stubborn metabolism, and I’ll be working with him for as long as I can."

- Anthony

"I signed up for Adam's online coaching to try and get in shape for my holiday. He tailored a diet and training plan for me and was supportive and understanding throughout the whole process. He helped me plan ahead for social occasions, the World cup started halfway through my plan, and could of been damaging to my results if I didn't have Adam to guide me. I think my results speak for themselves and I managed to gain a physique that I thought was out of reach for me. I cannot thank him enough for that. Adam's expertise is second to none and his plans are great value for money. I plan on signing up with Adam again soon as I know he will make sure I achieve the next set of training goals I set myself !"

- Josh

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